Reducing loneliness and IsolationTackling health inequalitiesSupporting children and young people to thriveSupport beyond mainstream for all

Ameina CIC
Reducing loneliness and Isolation
Tackling health inequalities
Supporting children and young people to thrive
Support beyond mainstream for all

Youth & Community at our heart.

Young minds brimming with ideas. Experienced hands offering guidance. This is the heart of our community. We believe in the power of youth and the wisdom of experience, and here, they come together.

For young people, we offer a launchpad for dreams, a place to connect and grow. No matter your passion, we’ll support your journey.

But our community extends far beyond. We offer programs and initiatives that engage everyone, fostering collaboration and shared well-being. It’s a two-way street – youth learn from experience, while seasoned members rediscover the joy of innovation.

This website is your gateway. Explore our projects, find ways to get involved, and connect with those who share your desire to make a difference. Together, young people and community members of all ages, we can build a brighter future.

Join us. Learn. Grow. Contribute. Let’s create a community that shines with the united power of youth and experience.

Youth Club

Our youth club (run on Thursdays) offers activities for ages 5-11 (6-7pm) and 12+ (7:30-8:45pm). They focus on community involvement, fundraising, and fun outings.

Health & Wellbeing

Our older People’s, health and wellbeing club has over 100 registered users, of which 45 regularly attend the 2 weekly sessions. There are a range of have activities for everyone to enjoy.

Holiday Club

The holiday youth program (ages 8-18) offers fun activities indoors (arts, cooking, games) and outdoors (sports, gardening) with day trips and adventure weekends to help young people learn and grow. It’s unique because the activities are planned and run by young people themselves.

Keep Fit Classes

We offer active options for all ages! Join “Full of Life” for gentle, social exercise classes designed for adults and seniors. Improve mobility, strength, and have fun – all at your own pace!

Girls Football

If you’re age 5- 12, love playing football and are looking for somewhere to develop your skills or just to have fun come along and join us. Our weekly girl’s football practice sessions are led by girls. Our girls have the freedom to play for fun or to compete in a team.

Social Events

Craving connection in Luton? Look no further! Mingle with friendly folks at social events for adults and seniors. From game nights to coffee mornings, you’ll find laughter and new friendships!

Young Changemakers

The young changemakers programme is an opportunity for 16–25 year olds from racialised communities to design and deliver their own social action projects to create a lasting impact.

The program empowers youths to be able to speak up and have a say on their own and their peer’s mental health.

Nutrition advice

Get expert advice on healthy meals for adults and seniors at free nutrition workshops. Learn about balanced diets, boost your energy, and enjoy delicious, nutritious food!


Empower yourself and your community! Join us for projects tackling real issues. Make a difference, have fun, and find your voice. Check out our projects today!

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