At Ameina we are proud to play a part in helping to improve people’s lives through education, care and guidance.  The motivation received when past and present pupils explain how Ameina has helped them to grow and flourish is what inspires our team to continue providing the highest levels of care and professionalism. Here are a few success stories, written by the pupil’s themselves…


“I was a student at the Ameina centre. I enjoyed myself there because it was a lovely environment with fabulous teachers that have helped me get into education again.

I am now attending Barnfield College and studying Level 2 Music Performance and Technology.”


“Hi, I’ve been at Ameina for two years. It helped me in different ways. My best subjects are English and Maths. I’ve learned how to cook and make tea, which I didn’t really know how to make before and I’ve been helping other and sharing and caring for other people in my class. The teachers are nice and kind.”

S. A.

“Ameina is a very welcoming community and they respect everyone equally, as well as being very caring and helpful. My first couple of days at Ameina were excellent, the teachers are polite and it’s a nice peaceful environment. Also we have an amazing variety of lessons, game and other activities to enjoy. The staff here have also helped me with anger issues, bullying, thinking about courses for my future in mainstream school and lots more.”


“Ameina has helped me with my writing work and my social skills. We have all sorts of sessions like Maths, English and PE. I’ve learnt all my time tables and equations in Maths. In English we have learnt about Shakespeare and MacBeth. In Science we are learning about micro-organisms and viruses. What I like about Ameina is that there are nice teachers, its quiet and fun.”


“I like it at Ameina Community Education because the help you a lot. They have helped me. It’s a good place and they make you feel welcome. I’ve improved in my work and all the staff are nice and caring. The help you with everything. Ameina help you to get back into normal schools and also help with family problems. It’s a good place to be and they even take you on trips if you are good.”

E. L.

“I recieved Support to reduce my risky behaviour however I did not always accept the support and sometimes did the complete opposite however the support was still there and within reach.

I was supported by being allowed to have time out from the educational setting I was allowed to chill in the garden when stressed and agitated I could also go for a walk if I came back within 10 minutes this would be supervised by the staff members.

I received very adequate support with the education system at Ameina by having university qualified teachers. Some were extremely helpful and was able to teach me in the way I’m able to be taught. My learning support worker  also was of great help and maintained the professional bond whilst helping and supporting me in the way I needed. I was supported by being allowed time out when I’m agitated I was allowed freedom so I did not feel enclosed a castro phobic.

My educational outcome was very high. I started Ameina  with quite low grades I hadn’t been in school for over 2 years, however when I left the Ameina Centre I achieved high grades including a 6, 5 and a four. For biology I received a three even though I did not get on well with the teacher  and I had not taken that subject for over two years before starting at Ameina.

Ameina Centre really helped me get used to the educational setting so when I went to college this made it less stressing and easier and helpful for me to get the best outcome in my learning environment.”


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