We offer interesting and exciting opportunities for adults to fulfil their ambitions further their interests and achieve their potential through learning and training.

Our tutors are dedicated and passionate about teaching. The course we offer will allow you to develop your skills, knowledge and confidence in an environment where both tutors and learners offer support and encouragement. We are an approved centre which currently delivers NCFE qualifications.


Brush up on your English and Maths skills

Basic skills, ESOL (english for speakers of other languages) and return to work and learning

Learn to eat healthy with our expert tips and delicious inspiration to help you prepare healthy food

Improving your skills for gaining employment, creating and updating your CV, building up your confidence, interview skills and techniques, presentation skills and job applications

Basic food hygiene course is for anyone who works in a setting where food is cooked, prepared or handled. All food handlers can satisfy their legal requirement by taking this course

Arts and crafts, painting and drawing and flower arranging

Wellbeing Club offers healthy meals, opportunity to socialise, recreational trips, fun learning activities, health checks, physical fitness and various awareness sessions for older people in Ambleside and surrounding areas. The club members meet on every Wednesday at 12.30pm at Ambleside Community Centre.

Successful Projects

The project was enabled to communicate with unemployed struggle to integrate, socially isolated and incredibly hard to reach and to find employment. The participants have accessed to employability skills training, improve language, job searching, learning the language needed to read and complete applications, CV writing and interview skills. The project has developed confidence to take strategic steps to make changes in their life and a better understanding of personal style and impact. The participants had potential opportunity to take part in CV writing and interview skills and most of them never had CVs in the past. The project has been most successful. Most of the participants were women and transformed their lives.

  • The project has helped the unemployed to actively participate in social well being of the individual, families and wider communities and impact on community cohesion.
  • Explore the wider benefits of adult and community learning in relation to health, well-being, social cohesion, involvement with local organisation through work experience and sharing and learning as one community.
  • A quick transition into a new job or the skills and confidence to continue looking for work on their own.

S is a 33-year-old woman from Pakistan, who arrived in the UK in 2012 and she has two children. She went to school in Pakistan but and cannot read nor write in English language but able to speak a bit English.

S said: “ESOL for Employability course helped me a little to improve my communication with people. I started to look for a job, but nobody employed me because of my English. I started doing my ESOL course at Ameina Centre.  The ESOL course is very important to me because in the future I want to do teaching in a school/nursery, so ESOL will help me to improve my spelling, grammar, speaking skills, to get better job and to be independent.”

S is now able to follow and participate in simple conversations, she can read and write her own personal information and can read simple words and text. S has constructed a CV during the course and now she’s seeking for a volunteer position in locality.

Feedback from Students

Salma: I worked in a school setting in back home but didn’t have the confidence to look for jobs, but now  I feel much more confident because the Tutor has motivated me to look for a volunteer position at my son’s school.”

Sadia: The course was very useful to have the time and opportunity to discuss about our future goals and career.”

Farida: I never had a CV and this course has  helped me to construct a CV to look for jobs or voluntary positions.”

Further Information

If you are interested in attending a workshop or multiple, contact Immaculene on 0333 320 4401 or email immaculene.kumar@ameina.co.uk


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